S. Rothschild sources full packages for some of the finest and best known retailers and brands in the world. The company’s longstanding commitment to perfecting product while serving the customer is as strong in its private label initiatives as it is for its own proprietary and licensed brands. Regardless of label, our focus is on creativity, style and quality.

Whether the process begins with a concept conceived by one of our retail partners or an inspiration from within our own talented design team, a spirit of collaboration and ongoing communication will ensure that the initial idea successfully blossoms into reality.

Thanks to S. Rothschild’s global sourcing, production and distribution network and company-owned factories throughout the world, we can and do closely monitor every step in the process, from patternmaking, sampling and fitting, to sewing, shipping and delivery.  Our promise is to ensure that every coat we produce adheres to the tradition of excellence S. Rothschild has maintained for over 130 years.